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ForumPass enables organizations to work together better in a shared and internet-based collaborative workspace. Flexible security features make it one of the most secure online collaboration platforms available. Based on Microsoft SharePoint technology, ForumPass delivers robust functionality through an easy-to-use, intuitive user interface.

ForumPass features include:

  • File sharing and document management.
  • Secure joint proposal management.
  • Net meetings and concurrent/real-time working environments.
  • Process management and routing.
  • Product design and collaboration. 

ForumPass 6 is Exostar’s latest Collaboration Solution Release, based on Microsoft SharePoint 2013. ForumPass 6 includes improved security and many new features and capabilities that improve usability and provide seamless integration with Microsoft Office Applications.

Exostar partnered with Seclore to create the ForumPass Defense application in order to comply with the NIST 800-171 requirements. While maintaining many of the features and functionality available in the standard ForumPass application, ForumPass Defense provides a secure, multi-factor authenticated environment, in the United States, and incorporates the Digital Rights Management (DRM) functionality to protect documents inside and outside of the environment. 

Digital Rights Management (DRM) adds a layer of security at the document level which protects document content from unauthorized access. DRM-protected documents are watermarked with the user’s name and the date/time the file is opened, and access and functionality in a DRM library is controlled by the ForumPass Permission groups. To learn more about ForumPass Defense and DRM, please see the ForumPass Learn page.

ForumPass OFFICIAL is a sensitive ForumPass template and utilizes the same ForumPass functionalities, however, it requires users to authenticate with a Medium Level of Assurance (MLOA) Software certificate. ForumPass OFFICIAL also utilizes End-to-End Encryption and Encrypted Libraries.

To purchase ForumPass licenses, please contact Exostar Sales:

ForumPass Familiarization and Site Creation webinars are available the first week of every month. Please see the Online Training page for registration information.

News and Announcements

For more information on updates to ForumPass, please see the ForumPass 6.6 Release Notes.

Quick Reference

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  • Office Integration Features, including document edit function that does not require local document downloads.
  • Outlook Integration Features allowing users to combine SharePoint and Outlook Calendars.
  • Search Refinement Panel that allows you to quickly narrow results of your search and find the right content faster.

Collaborative Work Environment:

  • Team Sites provide a centralized location for a defined group of users to share documents, have conversations, view and assign tasks, view project timelines, create and maintain a centralized calendar, and view recent team activity.
  • Community Sites provide a community experience in the ForumPass environment to categorize and cultivate discussions among a broad group of people across groups in an organization. Communities promote open communication and information exchange by enabling people to share their expertise and seek help from others who have knowledge in specific areas of interest. 

Security and Data Controls:

  • Database encryption providing additional protection for all system data.
  • Continuation of the End-to-End (E2E) Encryption service for Sensitive and Restricted sites.
  • Continued support for Federated Identity.
  • Single sign on (SSO) for Exostar applications through Exostar’s Identity and Access Management Platform (formerly known as MAG).
  • Acceptance of CertiPath compliant identities allowing users to leverage their company or government-issued credentials.

System Requirements

Windows 7 SP1TTN/ASN/AT
Windows 8.1TTN/ASN/AT
Windows 10SSSSN/AT
MAC OS X (up to version 10.12 "Sierra")N/AN/AN/ATTT


(S) SupportedThis combination of operating system and browser is supported but has not been fully tested.
(T) TestedThis combination of operating system and browser is fully supported and has been tested.
(N/A) Not ApplicableThis combination is not applicable (non-compatible).


Operating System/Browser Combination

 Microsoft Windows 8 with IE10 or IE11

These OS/Browser combinations are not all inclusive, but have been proven as stable combinations.


512 MB or higher memory is recommended for best performance. Proper system memory allows for efficient operation of the applications.

Exostar's services are primarily browser driven. System performance improvements from additional RAM will be evident to the extent overall system improvements are realized

CPU Speed

1 GHz or better CPU speed is recommended for best performance.

The more powerful (faster) CPU speed will allow for more efficient operation of the applications.

Internet Connectivity

2Mb/sec or better

(A lower connection speed will result in slower performance or possible system time outs due to extended run times.)


Version 9

Exostar utilizes Adobe Reader for downloading training and other support materials.


JRE Version 8 or higher

The most current version of JRE is recommended. Earlier versions may be incompatible when uploading and downloading encrypted documents. 

In addition to major software releases, Microsoft offers ongoing product enhancements through service packs and 'product updates'. Exostar will maintain currency with these updates as part of our ongoing release cycle testing, ensuring that our planned major release testing utilizes the latest software updates available. In the event that our customers experience a problem running our Internet solutions using the old versions of the software, including an out of date 'update' level, they may be directed to upgrade to the latest 'update' level to resolve the reported issue. 

You can see the Microsoft supported configurations at:

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