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FIS Administrator FAQs

Designate Multiple Administrators

How can my organization designate multiple FIS administrators?

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During the FIS subscription process, one user can be assigned the FIS Administrator role. To add an additional FIS Administrators, the Organization Administrator can upgrade a user account as follows:

Step 1.  Designate a user to assign the FIS Administrator role and access their Exostar MAG Platform Details page by going to the Administration tab then completing a search for users.

Step 2.  After completing search, click the user ID link to open the user's profile.

Step 3.  Scroll to the Application Settings section and select Application Admin from the Role column.

Step 4.  An application list is now available for selection. Select Federated Identity Service (FIS).

Step 5.  Click Continue and then review the changes you made.

Step 6.  Click Submit to save the changes.

The user receives an email providing information their account has been upgraded to the FIS Administrator role. This process may be utilized to upgrade a user to an administrator role for any other application.

The Organization Administrator can also set-up a new user account with the administrator roles by selecting the appropriate role from the Role drop-down list.

Action Renewal Requests

What to do when the user is renewing certificates?

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When the user submits a certificate renewal request, the FIS Administrator may be able to change certain attributes of the certificate. All certificate information is pre-populated based on the certificate the user requested for renewal. Some users, due to a prior out-of-band certificate renewal, may have no value for the Validity Period field. The FIS Administrator must select a value of 1 year or 3 years.

If you do not think the user continues to need digital certificates, you can deny the renewal request. Note the user is able to submit additional renewal requests for the same certificate until the certificate expires. For more information, please see the FIS Administrator Responsibilities page.

Sponsored Users

What to do when the user is sponsored?

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Make sure you select the appropriate level of assurance for the user, as required by the sponsoring organization. If the user requires Medium Level of Assurance (MLOA) certificates, and your organization is approved only for Basic Level of Assurance (BLOA) certificates, contact your Organization Administrator and follow the steps to upgrade your organization’s account.

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