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FAQs - SourcePass

SourcePass Upgrade

The SourcePass application is in the process of completing a major upgrade.  The current SourcePass application is a single application accessed by both BAE Systems and Raytheon suppliers.  The upgrade is going to result in two applications – one for BAE Systems and another for Raytheon.  Shared suppliers that currently transact with both BAE Systems and Raytheon must subscribe to both applications.

 The image below displays the new supplier dashboard. Please select the image to enlarge:

Suppliers must respond to every line in an RFQ in order for the bid to process correctly. 

If a supplier does not wish to submit a bid for a specific line item:

Step 1.  Select the x icon for that line in order to opt out of bidding. A pop-up notification displays sharing additional information about the action.  Each line requires a bid or the x to be selected in order for the bid to process correctly.

Suppliers only have visibility of active events they are invited to; expired and historic events no longer display from their dashboard.

If a supplier Declines to Bid on an entire RFQ, it no longer displays from their dashboard.

On the RFQ, click the View Related Events icon to view notes from the buyer about the RFQ line.

Use the Save button to save any current response entries.  The Submit Bids button submits any entries to the buyer.  A user does not need to click Save prior to clicking Submit Bid. A pop-up message indicating the response was submitted displays. A Response Submitted message also displays at the top of the Quick Quote. This message no longer displays when the user leaves the page.

Import/Export Bids should be used to download the RFQ to XLS.  The green colored fields are editable fields for a supplier. To Decline to Bid on a line, the Decline column should be populated with “Y”.

Participate in Sourcing Event

How do I participate in a sourcing event through Exostar and how will I be contacted before the event?

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In order to participate in a sourcing event (RFI/RFQ/Reverse Auction) as a bidder, Suppliers must first register for Exostar Supplier Membership and request access to Exostar's SourcePass application.

Once your registration and access to SourcePass application is approved and your account is active, Buyers will be able to invite you to participate in a sourcing event. Once the Buyer invites to a sourcing event, you will receive an invitation email from 'Exostar SourcePass' that contains information about the actions you need to take to prepare to participate in a sourcing event.

System Requirements to Participate in a Sourcing Event

What are the system requirements for participating in an sourcing event?

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  • Operating Systems: Microsoft Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows XP Professional, Windows 2000 Professional. 
  • Web Browsers: Internet Explorer (IE) 8.0, Internet Explorer (IE) 7.0 SP2 or later, Internet Explorer 6.0 (IE) SP2 or later.

Can My Company Have Multiple Bidders?

Can more than one person from my company register as a bidder?

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Yes, multiple participants from one Supplier Company may register to bid. A registered Organization Administrator from within your Supplier Organization will be able to setup one or more accounts for your organization and provide you with your login credentials. If you are uncertain as to whom your Organization Administrator is, please contact Exostar Customer Service at + 1 703-793-7800 and choose OPTION 2. 

NOTE: In order for a Supplier user to be able to participate in an event, the Buyer must invite each participant to the event. Inviting one participant from a Supplier organization DOES NOT mean all registered users within the organization will be able to participate in an event.

Can Other Bidders See My Bids During Live Auction? 

During a live auction do the other bidders see my bids?

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Suppliers are able to see bid information from other Suppliers, only if the Buyer has enabled the price view for the Suppliers. There are cases, when the Buyer chooses a rank-only auction, where a Supplier is only aware of their own rank in the auction bidding process, but unable to view other Suppliers' bids. Irrespective of the type of auction, the identities of the other bidding Suppliers are always hidden.

Erasing Mistaken Bids

I placed a bid by mistake. How can I erase it?

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During an auction event, contact the Exostar Live Auction Support Team at: +1 703-793-7788. Exostar will discuss the erroneous bid with the auction originator before deleting the bid for the bidder.

Getting Invited to Auction 

I'm a Supply Chain Platform member and big supplier, how do I get invited to an Auction?

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In order to use Exostar's Auction Services, you must be invited to participate in an auction by one of our partners (Buyers). All auctions are private and require an invitation from the auction originator.

Email Invitation Received But No Open Events

I have received an email that I am invited to an event/or I know my company has been invited to an event by the Buyer, but I don't see any open events when I login. Why?

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There may be several reasons why you don't see the event:

    • In your View RFx(s) screen, make sure your drop-down filter is set appropriately to see Open/Pending/Paused RFXs
    • The Buyer may not have invited your specific user account to the event. This happens when the Supplier user has more than one account (with the same email address) and the Buyer has invited one of your other accounts and you may have logged in with a different username. In this case, please contact the Buyer directly and make sure you provide them the correct User Name for the account you would like to be invited. Also, consider closing one of your duplicate accounts, so this confusion can be avoided

Reserve Price

What is a Reserve Price?

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Reserve Price is the maximum price a Buyer is willing to pay for an Item within an RFQ.

Handling Technical Issues During Auction

What do I do if I have technical problems during an auction?

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If you experience technical problems during a live auction, contact the Live Auction Support Team at: + 1 703-793-7788.

This team can assist you with any issue you may have or place a surrogate bid on your behalf. Surrogate Bidding requires consent from the supplier to have live auction bids recorded for documentation purposes. If there are multiple problems with other users, the auction may be paused and the bidders notified, until the issues are resolved.

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