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FAQs - SecureForms

Credentials Required to Access SecureForms

What level credentials are required to access SecureForms?

As with all Raytheon Technologies applications, users must have Level 3 credentials with proofing (OTP Hardware, SMS OTP, Mobile ID) and MLOA hardware.

Completing a Form Marked for Deletion

I started editing a form before it was marked for deletion. Can I now complete it?

Yes, but suppliers will not be able to renew until the Delete flag is lifted.

Using 'View Answers' to Review Submissions

Can I review a submission offline by printing from 'View Answers'?

No. In order to print the form that's in process, return to the Home tab by clicking 'Save and Exit', then download the Revision from the Revision History section.

Viewing Form Requests for Other Users

Why can't I see all form requests in the queue for other users within my organization?

Only a supplier admin can see all pending requests for their organization. Users will only see their own queue.

Viewing Forms Completed by Other Users

Why can't I see all forms completed by other users within my organization, regardless of which form?

 Only a supplier admin can see forms completed by everyone within their organization.

Executive Compensation Amounts Rounding Up

The executive compensation amounts that I enter in Section B.3.2 are rounding up, is that normal?


Error Generated Upon Entering Over 16 Characters

The executive compensation amounts entered in B.3.2 have no limit, but an error occurs when more than 16 characters are entered, is that normal?


Error Generated For Non-required Fields

Why do some email fields such as the Remit Email generate an error when they're not required?

When required, email fields must be in the proper format, i.e. name@xxx.domain. When not required, email fields can be left blank, but if they are populated, the input must be in the proper format.

Viewing Who Cancelled a Form

Can I see who cancelled a form?

No, but an email will be sent that will include the reason the request was cancelled. Only a Functional Administrator can cancel the request.

Modifying Previously Submitted Forms

If a form isn't renewable, but an organization change occurred, can the supplier user still modify a previously submitted form?

No. You must request a new form from their Procurement Agent. The CR-003 is always renewable, although if the supplier is blocked in our Vendor Master the block would first need to be lifted. There are technically 3 stages of being blocked in our system, but the only one that prevents a supplier from renewing a form is ‘Marked for Delete’ which we refer to as inactivated to suppliers. The block would need to be lifted before the form can be renewed but in some cases a new External Org ID will have been reassigned so a new invitation and forms assignment would need to be submitted.

Viewing ESDs for Multiple Locations

I used to be able to see all active ESDs under my company's Global Ultimate DUNS number which allowed me to complete the CR-003 for multiple locations under the same login, what happened?

It is no longer possible to use one MAG account to complete the CR-003 for multiple locations. You can still connect multiple accounts under parent-child relationships to permit use of a single 2FA token, but have to access each account separately to complete the form.

Locating Purchase Orders

Where can I find Purchase Orders?

Purchase orders are located in the Raytheon Technologies Supply Chain Platform (RSCP) application. If you need access to RSCP, contact the buyer you work with or

Submitting Invoices

How do I submit invoices?

If you receive purchase orders in RSCP, you can invoice either through RSCP or Transcepta.  For assistance with RSCP, contact For Transcepta, contact

Locating Invoice Status

How do I find the status of invoices?


Editing Remittance Information

How do I find the status of invoices?


Why doesn’t the NAICS code populate into the form when I select it?

Be sure to select only the code, not the entire line.

Will Raytheon accept the Reps & Certs filed on

No, we require suppliers to certify directly to us which is not possible on

Can we fill out a single CR-003 at the corporate level and apply it to all locations?

No, separate certifications must be completed for each location that receives purchase orders from us.

How do I complete the form?

  •  Login to your MAG account at with your 2-Factor Authentication (2FA) credentials.
  •  Click Launch to open Raytheon Technologies SecureForms application. 
  •  Select the form to be completed.
  •  Click Edit at the bottom of the Form Details page.
  •  Select the form name and complete all required fields (those marked with a red asterisk*).
  •  When finished, click Submit Form in Section C.  A list of incomplete required fields, if any, will open and once they are responded to, click Submit Form again.
  •  You will see a confirmation page and receive an email once submission is successful.

NOTE:  Use the same steps as above to renew the form, but first click the Completed Forms tab, then click the form to be renewed followed by Renew at the bottom of the page.

  •  Click the Pending Forms tab and then the name of the form to be renewed.  The form will pre-populate with responses from the previous submission so it is not necessary to start over, only to update information and answer new questions, if any.

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