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Click the links below to browse our collection of Frequently Asked Questions and troubleshooting tips by topic:

General OTP FAQs: These FAQs provide a simple explanation of how the OTP technology works, and give the overview of OTP requirements by partner, along with other general considerations.    

Identity Proofing FAQs: These FAQs explain the differences that exist between different types of identity proofing.  

Video Proofing FAQs: These FAQs provide the tips for preparing for a live video proofing session.

Mobile ID FAQs: These FAQs explain the basics of Mobile ID, and provide solutions for common setup issues.  

OTP Hardware Token FAQs: These FAQs explain how to troubleshoot common error messages.  

Phone OTP FAQs: These FAQs explain how to update or add a new phone number to your OTP.

Purchase and Renewal FAQs: These FAQS answer questions about purchasing or renewing an OTP credential.

Refund and Warranty FAQs: These FAQs cover Exostar's warranty and refund policies for OTP products.

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