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Exostar MAG-FIS New Signing CA Update

In support of MAG-FIS solution, we have a new signing certificate authority under the existing Root CA, as the existing signing CA is due to expire soon.

The new signing CA starts issuing entity certificates on October 28th, 2020. This new signing certificate authority (Exostar Federated Identity Service Signing CA 4) will be in compliance of existing Exostar certificate Policy document and will be using the existing Certificate template. DoD and FBPKI have been informed of the changes and they will make sure that the new CA is added to their respective trust stores.

In case of any questions or if you would like the copy of the Exostar Federated Identity Service Signing CA 4 certificate, please reach out to Customer Support.

Exostar Federated Identity Service Signing CA 4 Details:

  • Serial number: 2e000000070c47ed3776b35fc0000000000007
  • Thumbprint: d5f180db664ec80be77d9bfd5484a50cece5a58d

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