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Enterprise Access Gateway (EAG) Overview


Enterprise Access Gateway (EAG) is an Exostar service that allows users to access Managed Access Gateway (MAG) and any applications and services accessible through the platform, using their company-issued credentials.  EAG must be enabled at the organization level, and is typically implemented across an entire organization.  Users should look for notification from their organizations to begin using EAG.

To link your company-issued credentials to MAG, you will need an Exostar MAG account along with your company-issued credentials.  Additionally, your company must be subscribed to Exostar's EAG service.

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With single sign-on, users can access customer organization applications behind Managed Access Gateway (MAG) using their corporate credentials eliminating the need for users to remember multiple passwords.

If accessing applications that require two-factor (2FA) credentials, users can use their EAG connected credentials and do not need to purchase or renew additional credentials as long their company meets SP 800-63 LOA3 (IAL2/AAL2) requirements.

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