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EAG Login FAQs

MAG Password Reset

How can I reset my Exostar Managed Access Gateway (MAG) password or change my security questions if I am using EAG account linking?

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If your Exostar MAG account is linked to a corporate account, you do not need to change the password or set up security questions in MAG. Your password life cycle will be managed by your corporate enterprise. If you want to reset your Exostar’s MAG password or change your security questions, you must de-link EAG from your Exostar MAG account first. If you are a Rolls-Royce or BAE Systems EAG user and need to have your account de-linked, contact your corporate Help Desk. All other EAG users should contact Exostar Customer Support.

Corporate Password Reset

How can I reset my corporate password?

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If you forgot your corporate credentials (the corporate user ID and/or Password), reach out to your corporate Help Desk for assistance.

Login Bookmark Does not Work

I am unable to log into MAG while using the shortcut bookmark saved to my browser's favorites. What should I do?

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We suggest logging in by going directly to the MAG login portal. We also suggest updating your login bookmark.

To log in directly at the portal, complete these steps:

Step 1.  Clear your browser’s cache and cookies.

Step 2.  Go to and select Login Using Company Credential (EAG).

Step 3.  Select the proper Remote Identity Provider and enter your corporate credentials. You can save as a favorite. Additionally, you can use the Favorites link for subsequent logins.

To update the login bookmark:

Step 1.  To update your existing links, in an Internet Explorer browser window, click the Star (upper, right hand corner).

Step 2.  Find the favorite (e.g. Exostar’s MAG Dashboard) you want to update, and right-click the favorite.

Step 3.  Select Properties, and update the URL.  Click Apply and OK.  

Incorrect Identity Provider

What should I do if I selected the incorrect Identity Provider when trying to log into MAG, and can't switch to the correct provider?

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Close all browsers and log in again. You can complete this by following the steps below:

Step 1.  Select Login Using Company Credential (EAG) at

Step 2.  Select the proper Remote Identity Provider, and enter your corporate credentials. If the problem continues, please contact your local IT Help Desk to ensure there are no issues with your local account.

Corporate Credentials Prompt

What should I do if I am being prompted for my corporate credentials during the login?

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Please ensure you are logging in with your corporate credentials (e.g. username/password, token password, smart card, etc.).

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