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EAG General FAQs

What is EAG?

What is Enterprise Access Gateway (EAG)?

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Enterprise Access Gateway (EAG) is an Exostar service that allows users to access their Exostar Managed Access Gateway (MAG) accounts and any applications and services affiliated with MAG by using their company-issued credentials. EAG must be enabled at the organizational level, and it is typically implemented across an entire organization. Users should look for notification from their organizations to begin using EAG.

Corporate Credentials

What are corporate credentials?

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Corporate credentials, whatever they are, are issued to users by their own organization (not by Exostar). These credentials are the information that you use to log into your computer daily.

EAG Setup

My organization is subscribed to EAG. How do I set up EAG on my account?

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For instructions, please reference the EAG User Guide.

Purchasing EAG

Can an individual purchase EAG?

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No, EAG is issued only at the corporate level.

Cost of EAG

How much is EAG?

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Please contact Exostar Sales.

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