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EAG Error Resolution FAQs

Error 5103

I am receiving Error 5103: R-IDP user not yet linked when trying to log into Exostar's Managed Access Gateway (MAG).  How can I resolve this?

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Ensure you have linked your Exostar MAG account to the correct corporate credentials. If you get redirected automatically to the Error 5103 and cannot access, follow the below steps:

Step 1.  Open Internet Explorer.

Step 2.  Select Tools.

Step 3.  Select Delete in Browsing History section.

Step 4.  Deselect all available options and select only Cookies and Website Data

Step 5.  Click Delete.

Step 6.  Close Internet Explorer.  This removes the legacy SSO cookie blocking your access to the login page.  You can then login or reset your Exostar MAG password.

Error 5105

I am receiving Error 5105:  R-IDP user is not allowed to login with local credential.  How can I resolve this?

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If you already linked your Exostar’s Managed Access Gateway account via EAG, you are not required to enter your account login credentials to access the platform or supported applications. If you attempt to access your account using MAG credentials, you will receive this error message.

Remote Account Already Linked Error

Why do I receive the following error:  This remote account has already been linked to another Exostar MAG account?

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You receive this message when your Exostar MAG account is already associated with the corporate identity credentials. This may happen if you have multiple accounts, and already linked one account to your corporate credentials.

Higher Level of Credential Required Error

Why do I receive the following error:  Higher Level of Credential Required when accessing an application?

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Your authentication details from your Remote Identity Provider (your corporate provider) may not have been passed to the application owner, or the application might not accept your credential strength.  Close all browsers, and attempt to log in again at If problem continues, please contact Exostar Customer Support to verify that your authentication level is supported for the applications you are trying to access.

Application Access Error

What do I do if I am able to log into MAG via EAG, but receive an error when trying to access my application within the platform?

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If the status of the application you are trying to access says Launch and you receive an error, contact Exostar Customer Support.

Other Errors

I don't see my error message listed in the FAQs.  What do I do?

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Close all browsers and log in again. If that does not resolve the issues, please follow the steps below:

Step 1.  Go to and click Login Using Company Credential (EAG).

Step 2.  Select your correct Remote Identity Provider and enter your corporate credentials.

NOTE:  If you have a corrupted Basic Level of Assurance Identity FIS Digital Certificate, delete it from your browser by going to Tools, Internet Options, Content then Certificates. Select certificate to delete. Please note once you delete certificates, you can no longer use the certificate. If the problem continues, please contact your local IT help desk to ensure there are no issues with your local account.

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