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Digital Certificate Service (DCS) Overview


Exostar’s Digital Certificate Service (DCS) is a comprehensive PKI solution that enables full lifecycle management of digital certificates. The digital certificates issued by DCS can be used for both Identification/Authentication and Digital Signature purposes. DCS certificates are issued at two levels of assurance:

  • SAFE-BioPharma Medium Software
  • SAFE-BioPharma Medium Hardware

The levels of assurance are indicated in various extensions within the certificates. The combination of these attributes makes the certificates useful to subscribers in the pharmaceutical, life sciences and healthcare industries. In particular, the certificates satisfy the requirements for subscribers who are required to digitally sign documents intended for submission to various regulatory agencies.

This Medium Level of Assurance (MLOA) product includes one digital certificate (identity + signature), that is compliant to the SAFE-BioPharma Association standard, and cross-certified with the SAFE-BioPharma Bridge Certificate Authority. These digital certificates may be used to digitally sign content and to facilitate submission to regulatory agencies such as to the FDA’s Electronic Submission Gateway:

  • Software-based digital certificates issued to Microsoft Windows PCs are SAFE-BioPharma certified at Medium Software.
  • Hardware-based digital certificates issued to Exostar USB Hardware Tokens (sold separately) are SAFE-BioPharma certified at Medium Hardware.

In the case of locked tokens, lost or corrupted digital certificates, key compromise, etc., Exostar will issue up to five replacement certificates per person per year to life science customers only.

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