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DOD Common Access Card (CAC) Overview


A Third-Party Credential (CAC, PIV, NGC OneBadge) is a smart card issued by the United States Department of Defense (DoD), NASA, or Northrup Grumman as a standard identification. It is also used for physical access to buildings, controlled spaces, and to gain access to computer networks and systems. Exostar now accepts Third-Party Credentials as an acceptable digital credential to access applications and services behind Exostar's Managed Access Gateway (MAG) Platform.

As a courtesy to our users, Exostar reminds you that prior to linking your Department of Defense Common Access Card ("DOD CAC") to your Exostar account you should confirm that your usage of the DOD CAC on the Exostar Exchange is compliant with DOD requirements for its use. Section 1.4 of the DOD Certificate Policy stipulates that DOD CACs "shall only be used for transactions related to DOD business. Please verify compliance with this stipulation prior to using your CAC to access Exostar products, or any system accessed through Exostar's Managed Access Gateway".

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