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Credentialing - SecureForms

In order to access the SecureForms solution, you must purchase and register Two-Factor Authorization (2FA) credentials of Level 3 or higher.  Raytheon Technologies accepts the Phone One Time Password (OTP) with proofing credential.  If you work with another Exostar partner, such as Boeing, please review the information below about Other Acceptable Credentials or contact Customer Service to determine which one you need.  Please select from the links below for step-by-step instructions on the credentialing process:

  • New Users:  This link provides instructions on completing a credential purchase, activating the license key, completing the proofing process, registering a phone, and logging in with the credential.
  • Existing Users:  This links provides instructions on renewing your token and upgrading your proofing.

Two-Factor Authentication (2FA) is a required method of enhanced authentication used to verify the identity of suppliers and address cyber security risks associated with SecureForms.  Due to the increase in frequency and sophistication of cyber attacks against the aerospace and defense industry, the multi-factor authentication security credential provides enhanced authentication which is used in to addition to your Exostar MAG UserID and password to prevent unauthorized access and address cyber security risks associated with Raytheon Technologies.

If you do not have a credential, Raytheon Technologies recommends purchasing Phone One-Time Password (OTP) with Identity Proofing.  Go to Exostar's Webstore to find the annual costs for domestic and international users.  If you have already registered an acceptable credential to your MAG account but have additional Exostar user accounts, you may be able to utilize the credential from one account to access SecureForms on another by connecting the two in a parent-child relationship.  Please review the Account Connections section to learn more.

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