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Credentialing - Boeing 787 SCMP

In order to access Boeing 787 SCMP, you must purchase and activate a One Time Password (OTP) Hardware Token with Proofing.  For more information on OTP Hardware Tokens, please see the OTP User Guide.  Follow the steps below to complete the credentialing process:

Step 1.  Purchase Token

Before completing an OTP credential purchase, ensure you have access to 787 SCMP.  To complete a purchase:

Step 1.  Login to your MAG account -

Step 2.  Find the Billing and Support section and click View.

Step 3.  At the top of the page (in the blue banner), click Exostar Webstore - Home Page.

Step 4.  Locate the One Time Password (OTP) Hardware Token option and click the Purchase Now link.

Step 5.  Select Boeing from the drop down list provided. 

Step 6.  Complete the information fields and select the Add to Cart button.

Step 7.  When ready to checkout, click Proceed to Checkout.

Step 8.  Select Payment Method

NOTE:  If the invoice option is selected, your order is not fulfilled until the invoice is paid in full.

Step 9.  Verify Shipping and Billing Address.  

Step 10.  If you are using a Purchase Order, please enter the PO in PO field.  To submit a signed Purchase Order (PO) against an invoice please open a case at

Step 11.  Review the Disclaimer and check the disclaimer box.

Step 12.  Click Submit Order

You will receive a sales order confirmation (e.g. SO-12345).  The purchaser receives information including a sales order confirmation via email.  

Step 2.  Register Credential

Once you receive your OTP Hardware Token, proceed with registration.  Locate the license key you received via email at the time of purchase.

To register your credential:

Step 1.  Login to your MAG Account with your UserID and password -

Step 2.  Go to the My Account tab and select the Manage OTP sub-tab.

Step 3.  Click Purchase or Register Credentials link to continue.

Step 4.  The Let's Get Credentialed page displays.  Review the information and click Continue.

Step 5.  Since you already completed your OTP Hardware purchase, select the I do not need to purchase a credential link.

Step 6.  Enter the License Key you received via email in the field provided.  Click Activate.

Step 7.  Confirm your profile and select your Country from the drop down menu.  Click Next

Step 8.  Proceed the the Proofing process.

Step 3.  Complete Proofing

Exostar uses two proofing methods to verify a user's identity.  If you are located in the United States, you can complete identity proofing instantly by answering Experian credit bureau-based questions, or by scheduling a live proofing via webcam.  Users located outside of United States must schedule a live proofing session.  

Experian Instant Proofing

This proofing service is only available to US-based users.  To complete your instant, Experian identity proofing:

Step 1.  Select Verify my identity online now as the Proofing Service.

Step 2.  Complete required fields to verify your identity.

NOTE:  If the last four digits of your SSN are not verifiable, you are prompted to enter all nine digits.  Your personal information is not stored or saved by Exostar.

Step 3.  Click Next.  If agreeing to the identity verification, click Agree.

Step 4.  Answer credit history questions.  Click Submit.

NOTE:  If incorrect answers are provided, but the credit bureau is able to locate you with your personal information, you will receive an activation code in four business days via postal mail.  The activation code is required for you to activate your credential.  If the credit bureau cannot locate you, you are routed to webcam proofing.

Step 5.  Once you successfully complete your instant proofing, you must register your credential.

Live Webcam Proofing

International users and some US users are asked to complete Webcam Proofing.  To complete the webcam proofing:

Step 1.  Select Verify my identity by meeting with an agent later as the Proofing Service.

Step 2.  Click Schedule an Appointment.  Review the information and click Continue.

Step 3.  Select an appointment date and time from the calendar.  Click Continue.

Step 4.  Enter required fields.  Click Confirm.

NOTE:  You will receive a confirmation email.  On your scheduled appointment date, an Exostar Proofing Agent will contact you.

Step 5.  Before your appointment, review the Live Video Proofing Resource page for assistance 

NOTE:  There is limited time to complete troubleshooting during your appointment.  Failure to appear for your scheduled appointment will require you to reschedule via your Exostar MAG account.

Step 6.  You must present valid, unexpired Government-issued photo identification, and answer a series of yes or no questions to prove your identity to an Exostar Proofing Agent over a live webcam-based proofing session.

NOTE:  After successful completion of the webcam proofing, the proofing agent provides an activation code.  This code is required to activate your credential. If you fail the webcam proofing, the proofing agent provides further instructions.

Step 7.  Once you successfully complete your webcam proofing, provides you the activation required for the next phase of the process. 

Step 4.  Activate Credential

To activate your credential:

Step 1.  From your MAG user account, select the My Account tab, then the Manage OTP sub-tab.

Step 2.  Click the Purchase or Register Credential link.

Step 3.  Enter the activation code the Proofing Agent provided at the end of your proofing.  Click Continue.

Step 4.  Click Activate to complete the process.

Step 5.  Register Token

To register your token:

Step 1.  On the Setup & Activation screen, enter the token serial number located on the back of your OTP Hardware Token into the Token Serial Number field.

Step 2.  Press the button on the front of your token and enter that number into the Token Code 1 field.

Step 3.  Wait 30 seconds and press the button again.  Enter this number into the Token Code 2 field.

Step 4.  Click Submit.

Optional:  You have the option to register a phone number so you can receive OTP codes via SMS text message.  It is highly recommend you register a phone at this point, because if you lose your OTP token, you will not be able to register a new token without repeating the identity proofing process.  Many applications within MAG also allow authentication via the SMS OTP.  If you are accessing applications hosted by Boeing, always use your OTP HW token for access.

Step 6.  Login with Credential

To login to MAG with your OTP Hardware token:

Step 1.  Login to your MAG Account with your UserID and password -

Step 2.  On the next page, click the button on your OTP token and enter the code in the prompt.  Click Authenticate.

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