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Credential Purchase Assistance

Purchase OTP Credentials when Completing Account Registration

During your Exostar Managed Access Gateway (MAG) account setup, you have the option to purchase One Time Password (OTP) credentials with or without identity proofing.  You will need to purchase an OTP credential if you are accessing a partner application that requires username, password and the OTP security credential.  The credential is an added layer of security that provides better protection to your account than only username and password.

Step 1.
  To begin purchase process, select the Get/Activate Credentials radio button from From the Let's Get Credentialed page then click Continue. If this page does not display but the Success Access Granted page appears, use the Click Here link to begin the purchase process.

Step 2. Click Purchase. If you are unsure what credential to purchase, please contact Exostar Customer Support.

NOTE: You may receive a notification alerting you your account can take up to two hours to be created.  Please return to the onboarding process after this timeframe to complete the purchase.  If you are unable to proceed, please contact Exostar Customer Support.  If you have an existing MAG account, and have never purchased credentials from the account, go to the My Account tab and click Manage OTP.  Click Purchase or Register Credentials.

Step 3.  Select the partner for the partner application you are accessing.  Select a product and enter quantity. Click Add to Cart.

Step 4. When ready to complete checkout, scroll down and click Checkout.                       

Review order and click Proceed to Checkout.

Step 5. Select payment method. Prepaid voucher holders can select apply prepaid voucher. View or update billing address.  Scroll down and click Continue.

Step 6. View Terms and Conditions then click Place Order.

Step 7.  After placing an order, you will receive an Order Number.

Purchase OTP Credentials for an Existing Exostar Account

Follow the steps below to purchase an One Time Password (OTP) credential with or without identity proofing.

Step 1.  If you activated a credential to your MAG account and need to purchase OTP credentials or additional OTP credentials, log into your Exostar MAG account.

Step 2.  From the My Account tab, click Manage OTP.

Step 3.  Click Purchase or Register Credentials.  If you have already registered an OTP credential and need to purchase additional OTP credential(s), click Purchase from the Purchase Additional Credentials section.

Step 4.  Follow the on-screen instructions to complete a purchase.

Credentials and Other Purchasable Products

FIS Digital Certificate(s) Basic Level of Assurance, Medium Level of Assurance Software or Hardware, Rolls-Royce eTools or Secure Email

Before completing a purchase, please ensure that you will have access to your partner company's application and that the application your accessing accept the credential you are purchasing. 

Step 1.  Log into your MAG account.  

Step 2.  Click Billing and Support located in the upper, right corner.

Step 3.  From the blue banner (top of page), click Exostar Webstore - Home Page.

Step 4.  Locate the required product and select Purchase Now.

Step 5.  Select required product, make required selections (if applicable) then click Add to Cart.

Step 6.  When ready to checkout, click Proceed to Checkout.

Step 7.  Select Payment Method.  If invoice option is selected, your order will not be filled until the invoice is paid in full.

Step 8.  Verify Shipping and Billing Address.  

Step 9.  If you are using a Purchase Order, please enter PO in PO field.  Additionally, please submit the PO to

Step 10.  Review the Disclaimer and check the disclaimer box.

Step 11.  Click Submit Order.  You receive a sales order confirmation (e.g. SO-1234).  The purchaser receives information including a sales order confirmation via email.  

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