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Create ForumPass Site

IMPORTANT: You must have Site Creator Administrative permissions in order to create a site.

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Create Site

Step 1.  Go to the parent site where you want to create your subsite.

Step 2.  Open the Settings menu, and select Site Contents.

Step 3.  Scroll down and select + new subsite to open the site creation form.

Step 4.  Complete the Title and Description section.


    • Title displays at the top of the web page.
    • Title displays in the navigational elements that help users to find and open the site.
    • The description is optional.

Step 5.  Enter a URL for the site. 

    • The URL should consist of an abbreviated name to avoid the 255-character limit.
    • To avoid potential problems with updating or modifying the site, do not use special characters. This also includes having spaces in the URL.

Step 6.  In the Template Selection section, select the desired template.

Step 7.  Permissions can be inherited from the parent site, or you may use unique permissions. Select Use Unique Permissions.


    • If you choose to inherit permissions, you need to be a Site Administrator of the parent site in order to change permissions on this site in the future.
    • We recommended selecting, Use Unique Permissions, because you can always change the permissions to inherit at a later time.

Step 8.  In the Navigation Inheritance section, specify whether you want the site to display the same top link bar as the parent. This setting also affects the navigation link to the parent site within the Navigation Folder path. Select Yes. Selecting No prohibits your subsite from containing the link to the parent site.

Step 9.  Click Create.

NOTE: If you chose to set up unique permissions, designate a Primary and Secondary Owner. Three default user groups are created:

    • <site name> Visitors with Read rights
    • <site name> Members with Contribute rights
    • <site name> Owners with Full Control

You can add additional users to these groups now or at a later time.

Step 10.  Click OK to complete site creation.

Get Started Widget

Once you create your subsite, the Get Started widget displays on your Home screen. Each pane in the widget offers assistance in customizing your new site:

    • Share your site: Use this to invite users
    • Working on a deadline?: Adds a task list and calendar to your site
    • Add lists, libraries, and other apps: Offers all available apps for you to add to your site
    • What’s your style?: Allows you to modify the color/style scheme
    • Your site. Your brand.: Allows you to brand your site with any logos/images associated with your organization

Once you finish working through the widget, click the REMOVE THIS link to remove the widget from your Home screen. If you remove the widget, all options are still available from the Settings menu or Site Settings page.

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