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Change Requests

Request Types

Change requests for the following events require Change Authorization Form completion for existing Exostar Managed Access Gateway (MAG) accounts: 

  • Organization Administrator Change: When the listed Exostar MAG Organization Administrators are no longer available. 
  • Email Address Change: When a user has not completed first time login or email domain name has changed and the user cannot access the account requires an email address change. 
  • Company Address Change: When the company’s address changed.  A change form is required when changing the address for the organization (not at the user level).
  • Company Name Change: When the company’s name changed. 
  • Legal Name Changes: When you change your legal name.

Requesting Change

Step 1.  Contact Exostar Customer Support to report change and request a Docusign change request form.

Step 2.  The form is sent via email along with a case number to track the request.

Step 3.  Click View Documents in the received email. A pop-up displays with the Docusign Change Request agreement. 

Step 4.  Check the box for, I agree to do business electronically with Exostar LLC

Step 5.  Review and complete the form. Include the Exostar IAM Platform (MAG) Organization Name, Exostar ID and Organization ID.

To Obtain Organization Details

Step 1.  Go to My Account then click View Organization Details.

Step 2.  View Organization Name, Exostar ID and Organization ID.

Form Completion

Step 1.  Ensure the information is entered in the correct order when completing the form.                   

Step 2.  Complete the fields in the section relevant to your request. You can request multiple changes on a single form.  

  • If requesting an Organization Administrator change and you have an existing MAG account, ensure you include your existing user ID in the User ID field. Failure to do so may result in creation of a new account.  
  • If an existing Organization Administrator is still active and you are requesting an Organization Administrator change, complete the form and include a letter on company letterhead. The letter must include a statement about the replacement request for the current Administrator, who the new Administrator is, and the non-compliant account will no longer be accessed. The existing Administrator accounts are deleted.  
  • If requesting a legal name change, complete the form and include a letter on company letterhead.  The letter needs to include the change reason and who the request is for.

Step 3.  Complete the Authorization/Change Requestor section at the bottom of the form. Click Sign Here and complete document signing.

Step 4.  Click Finish. The request routes to Exostar and is tracked via the case number.

NOTE:  The form expires within three days of receipt. If you require assistance with form completion, contact Exostar Customer Support.

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