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Certification Assistant Lite Main Dashboard


We highly recommend using the back options located directly in Certification Assistant, instead of the back and forward buttons in your web browser. These links are located in the upper, right corner of most pages.

The Certification Assistant Lite Main dashboard is broken up into the following sections: Compliance Plans, Charts, Tasks, Help and Message Inbox. The dashboard also provides a button to begin a 30-day free Standard trial. Please review additional details about each section below. Please select images to enlarge.

Compliance Plans

Certification Assistant Lite users have the CMMC compliance plan available as part of their license. Select the plan to access the plan’s home page. Please see the CMMC Dashboard page for additional information on the compliance plan.


The Charts section on the dashboard shows a quick snapshot of overall progress with the CMMC plan, along with a legend explaining each portion of the chart. Please note the charts are informational only, and do not have clickable features. The following charts are available:

    • Chart 1 displays the percentage of complete controls.
    • Chart 2 displays a breakdown of the status answers for the controls. 
    • Chart 3 displays the status percentage of all action items.


The dashboard displays the action item tasks assigned to the current user and the status of the task. Click the action item to open the Task Detail page, where you can further manage the task.


The help section, located at the bottom of the screen displays the following options:

    • Certification Assistant Lite Help: This redirects to, Exostar's self-help site.
    • Exostar Support: This redirects to the Customer Support page on, where you can locate call-in numbers, a chat feature, as well as an online support case form.
    • UPGRADE!: This option allows you to upgrade your Certification Assistant Lite access to Standard or Premium.

Message Inbox

Certification Assistant supports a messaging feature, allowing you to communicate with team members, clients or consultants. The inbox displays in the bottom, right corner of the dashboard, and provides a list of messages and additional columns of information. From this section, you can initiate a new message, as well as redirect to the Message Inbox page.

A number displays next to the user drop down menu, located in the upper right corner of the screen, notifying you of the number of unread messages.

30-Day Free Standard Trial

Once you access the Certification Assistant Lite 30-day free trial, you can begin a free trial of the Certification Assistant Standard application for the same amount of remaining days. The free trial button reflects the number of days you have left. If you already purchased the Certification Assistant Lite application, you can access the Standard 30-day free trial at any time, for the full 30 days. Simply select the free trial button, located at the top of your dashboard.

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