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Certification Assistant Lite CMMC Self-Assessment

Once you select the CMMC option from the Compliance Plans section of the Certification Assistant Lite dashboard, you are redirected to the CMMC Dashboard to action your Self-Assessment. From this screen, you can also switch back and forth from the CMMC view and the NIST 800-171 view. Selecting this option changes the focus on the progress toward certification chart to NIST 800-171 compliance.  Please see the sections below for detailed information on the dashboard's components. 


The Controls section on the CMMC Dashboard displays the 17 controls of CMMC Level 1 and are broken down into families.  Each family is listed with a breakdown of the status of each control in that family. 

Control Details

Once you select a specific family of controls to view, each control family is broken into Practices and Processes. Level 1 does not contain Processes. All activity on the control displays in the Comments/Activity Log.  Once a comment is added, a document is uploaded, or a status is changed, it is part of the control history and cannot be edited. 

To further manage and action Control Details:

 Click here to view the steps.

Step 1.  Click the desired Control Family to view all Controls within the family.

NOTE: Practices display for Level 1, not Processes.

Step 2.  Choose a Control Status per control. 

NOTE: There are five control statuses:

    • Implemented: The control has been met and fully documented.
    • Not Implemented: The control has not been met and there is no documentation available.
    • Partially Implemented: The control has not been met although some documentation has been provided.
    • Not Applicable: The control is not applicable to your organization.
    • Incomplete (Not Shown): This is the default status for a control that has not been addressed.

Step 3.  If necessary, select from the Tools drop down menu, located next to each control:

    • Comments: Add comments to document the control.
    • Additional Guidance: Information provided by the various regulatory bodies.
    • Action Item: Assign actions to members of your organization to be completed with the control.
    • Upload File: Upload documents to address the control. The documents may be policies, procedures, logs, etc. All documents should be saved as a PDF prior to uploading.

NOTE: All actions under the Tools menu display editable fields for you to manage the particular action. Once you make all desired selections for that action, click Save Changes.

If, at any point, you wish to return back to the Controls section, select the Back to CMMC Level 1 Home Page link.


The task list on the CMMC home page lists all open action items for the CMMC plan, not just the current user, as on the Dashboard.

To manage the task:

 Click here to view the steps.

Step 1.  Select the task to open the Task Details page.

Step 2.  Make desired changes and selections. Click Save.

NOTE: Once the task is closed, the referenced control is set to Implemented.

Step 3.  Select the Back to Home Page link to redirect back to the CMMC Dashboard.


Print options are available in the Controls header, to print all controls in the current level and all action items.

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