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Certification Assistant Lite

Step-by-step instructions for new users to gain access to the Certification Assistant Lite application. 

For your own protection and as an information safeguard, Certification Assistant is housed behind Exostar's Managed Access Gateway (MAG), and requires you purchase a Phone-Based One-Time Password (OTP) without Proofing credential, if you do not already have a MAG account and an acceptable credential.

ALREADY HAVE A MAG ACCOUNT? If you already have a MAG account, and an acceptable two-factor authentication credential, please review the Existing MAG Account section for application subscription instructions and additional information. 

Process Overview

Certification Assistant Lite provides basic CMMC level 1 assessment. It is free for the first 30 days, and then costs $199 per year. Access to Certification Assistant takes three steps:

Step 1. Register with Exostar

Step 2. Set-Up MAG Account

Step 3. Access Application

Please see the Purchase section below after you complete your 30-days of access, and please see the 30-day free Certification Assistant Standard trial section for information on trying the Standard application for free.

Please see the Purchase Certification Assistant License Key page for instructions on completing a purchase prior to registering for an Exostar’s Managed Access Gateway (MAG) account.

For additional Certification Assistant Lite features, please see the following pages:

STEP 1. Register with Exostar

You can begin the organization registration process here: registration approval can take up to 24-48 business hours to process. 

Registration Video

Please watch the following video for step-by-step instructions on completing the organization registration process.

 Click here to view the high level process.

Step 1.  Navigate to

Step 2.  Complete the Organization Information page. Click Next.

Step 3.  Place a check mark next to Exostar Certification Assistant on the Products and Services page, and click Next.

Step 4.  On the Exostar Certification Assistant Application Administrator page, select to use the Organization Administrator or Other from the drop-down menu.

Step 5.  Click Next to submit the registration.

A confirmation screen displays and you receive a confirmation email. After approval, users designated with Organization and Application Administrator roles receive their first time login email to setup their Exostar account.

Additional Resources

For instructions on adding new users please see the Add New Users Individually section on the Organization Administrators page.

STEP 2. Set-Up MAG Account

Once Exostar approves your organization registration, you receive an account activation email with your user ID and credentials. Click Activate my Account, then follow the steps to complete the process. 

Account Set-Up Video

Please watch the following video for step-by-step instructions on completing the first-time login process, accepting Certification Assistant Terms and Conditions, as well as purchasing a Phone-Based One Time Password without Proofing credential, which is required to access Exostar's Managed Access Gateway (MAG).

 Click here to view the high level process.

Step 1.  Click the Active my Account link provided in the account activation email, then follow the prompts on the screen.

Step 2.  Create your permanent password, and set-up your security questions and answers.

Step 3.  Accept the Certification Assistant Terms and Conditions.

Step 4.  Purchase your Phone-Based One Time Password without Proofing credential.

NOTE:  You only receive a license key via email once you complete payment.

STEP 3. Access Application

Once you complete the credential purchase, and Exostar receives full payment, you receive your license key via email.

Application Access Video

Please watch the the following video for step-by-step instructions on completing the credential set-up process, login process, and credential elevation process.

 Click here to view the high level process.

Step 1.  Login to your MAG account and Activate your license key. 

Step 2.  Activate your Phone OTP.

Step 3.  Login to MAG with your Phone OTP. Select Launch next to Exostar Certification Assistant. You can also directly access the application via

Purchase Certification Assistant Lite

Access to Certification Assistant Lite is free for the first 30 days, and then costs $199/year. Once you login after the free trial ends, you are prompted to access Exostar's web store to purchase Certification Assistant Lite or upgrade to Certification Assistant Standard or Premium, once they are available. The steps listed below begin after selecting to purchase from the application.

 Click here to view the steps.

Step 1.  Access Exostar's web store at and ensure you are logged in.

Step 2.  Select Add to Cart next to the Certification Assistant Lite option.

Step 3.  When ready to checkout, click Proceed to Checkout.

Step 4.  Select Payment Method

Step 5.  Verify Billing Address.  

Step 6.  If you are using a Purchase Order, please enter PO in PO field. To submit a signed Purchase Order (PO) against an invoice please open a case at

Step 7.  Review the Disclaimer and check the disclaimer box.

Step 8.  Click Submit Order. You receive a sales order confirmation (e.g. SO-12345). 

30-Day Free Standard Trial

Once you access the Certification Assistant Lite 30-day free trial, you can begin a free trial of the Certification Assistant Standard application for the same amount of remaining days. The free trial button reflects the number of days you have left. If you already purchased the Certification Assistant Lite application, you can access the Standard 30-day free trial at any time, for the full 30 days. Simply select the free trial button, located at the top of your dashboard.

Existing MAG Account

If your organization already has a MAG account, and is not yet subscribed to Certification Assistant, please follow the instructions listed below. As an Administrator, once you obtain your two-factor authentication credential, subscribe your organization to the Certification Assistant application via Exostar's Managed Access Gateway (MAG), in order for other users within your organization to request Certification Assistant access. This is an Administrator functionality. 

If you already have a MAG user account and accepted two-factor authentication, and your organization is subscribed to Certification Assistant, you can Request Access via the Home tab in MAG. Other acceptable credentials include:

 Click here to view the steps.

Step 1.  Log into your MAG user account as an Administrator.

Step 2.  Navigate to the Administration tab, then the Subscribe to Application sub-tab.

Step 3.  Select the Subscribe to Application button located next to Certification Assistant.

Step 4.  Select from an existing Administrator or input a new Administrator's details. Click Next to submit your subscription request.

Once your application subscription is approved, you receive an Exostar email confirming access and other users in your organization can begin requesting access.

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