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Billing and Support - MAG

About Billing and Support

The Exostar Billing and Support Center is used to complete a variety of tasks including paying invoices, purchasing renewals, viewing SCP transactions, managing license keys, open support cases, and more. 

Accessing Billing and Support

Exostar Managed Access Gateway (MAG) users can access Billing and Support by logging into their account.  Billing and Support is available in the upper, right hand corner of the page after completing login.

Billing and Support Center Roles

Organization Contact: Users with the MAG Organization Administrator or the Billing & Support Billing Contact role can pay all invoices issued at the organization level (this includes SCP invoices) and renewals for any user associated with their organization. 

Customer: Users who do not have the Organization Administrator role or the Billing and Support Billing Contact role can pay invoices they created. Additionally, they can purchase renewals for any user associated with their organization.

Manage License Keys

Exostar issues license keys when users complete full payment for the purchase of their OTP products. License keys are sent to the purchaser and are required for the activation of the product. 

    • License Key & Subscription Usage Detail
      • License key column can only be viewed by purchaser.
      • Provides a detailed view of purchased or activated license keys.  
    • License Key and Subscription Summary
      • License key column can only be viewed by purchaser.
      • Provides a summary view of purchased license keys.

Pay an Exostar Invoice

To pay Exostar invoices, you must have the role of Organization Administrator or Billing Contact. 

Step 1.  Log into your MAG account. Click Billing and Support (upper, right corner). 

Step 2.  Access Exostar’s Billing and Support Center by selecting External: Organization Contact. If you are an MAG Organization Administrator and do not have this role, please contact Exostar Customer Support.

Step 3.  Click Make a Payment. Payment details display. 

Step 4.  Enter/select information information. Click Submit and Email

Step 5.  Click OK.

Payment Methods

Pay by Credit Card

Exostar recommends that you pay by credit card to ensure that there is sufficient time to schedule the proofing appointment. If you choose to pay by credit card, select the credit card option and input the credit card information to complete your transaction. Upon completion, you receive an order confirmation and receipt via email.  Exostar accepts American Express, MasterCard and Visa.

Pay by Check, Wire Transfer Or Purchase Order

If you choose to pay by a check, wire transfer, or purchase order; select the Invoice Option when completing a purchase.  Upon completion, you receive an order confirmation and invoice via email.  Exostar requires full payment for invoices before products or services are rendered. 

Check Payments

Mail payments to:

Exostar LLC

PO Box 301003

Los Angeles, CA  90030-1003

For overnight check payments (ONLY FedEx, UPS, etc.):

Exostar LLC ATTN BOX # 301003

606 S Olive St, 23rd Floor

Los Angeles, CA 90014

Purchase Order

To submit a signed Purchase Order (PO) against an invoice please open a case with Exostar Customer Support.

Wire Transfer/ACH Payments

Bank Name: SunTrust Bank

Routing Number: 061000104

Account Number: 1000182535707


Company Name: Exostar LLC

Account Currency: USD

Branch Address: Mail Code - Ga-Atl-3707 Atlanta, GA 30303 US - United States

Instant Pay

If you do not have an Exostar account but know the Exostar invoice number and amount due, please use the Invoice Instant Pay feature at the bottom of the page on


You can renew OTP products and eTools renewals for yourself and users within your organization. If renewing eTools, your organization must maintain two active subscriptions to complete renewals. It may take up to 24 hours for renewals to process.

Step 1.  Click Subscription Renewals (located at the top border of the page).

Step 2.  Select the product from the drop-down menu. From the Available Renewals tab, a list of users display. Please verify the renewal date before proceeding.  

Step 3.  Select users to renew. You can renew individually, in groups, or renew all users. Click the user’s name or renew all by clicking Select All

Step 4.  Click Add to Cart. The list of users display in your cart. 

Step 5.  Click Proceed to Checkout. Select payment type. 

Step 6.  Review order. You must agree to the disclaimer before order submission. 

Step 7.  Click Submit Order.

NOTE:  If using a credit card to pay for renewals, renewal dates are updated within 24 hours.  If selecting the invoice option, payment must be received and processed before the subscription renewal is updated. The renewal period for OTP and eTools subscriptions is 12 months.  OTP and eTools subscriptions are valid for one year from the date of purchase (not date of activation).  If renewing an OTP Hardware Token, you will not receive a new token.

View SCP Transactions

Transaction Count Search displays a list view all of your organization’s SCP transactions. The list provides count totals for each transaction by document type. You must have Organization or Billing Contact role to view.

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