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Sourcing - How to Award an eAuction or Tender: Learn how to complete the sourcing cycle and award the business to selected suppliers. 

Sourcing - How to Create a Tender: Learn how to create a tender and invite suppliers. 

Sourcing - How to Log in: Learn how to log in and manage credentials. 

Sourcing - How to Monitor an eAuction: Learn how to use the monitoring tab, action live auctions and view bids. 

Sourcing - How to use Quick Quotes: Learn how to create quick quotes, monitor supplier responses, use the Quick Quote dashboard, etc. 

Sourcing - How to Use the Event Wizard: Learn how to use the event wizard to create the 5 stages of an event. 

Sourcing - How to Use the Mini Tender Functionality: Learn how to successfully execute Mini Tender processes such as access, view, create, monitor and finalise/award.  

Sourcing - Supplier Guide: Learn how to maintain company records, respond to tenders and participate in eAuction. 

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