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BAE Systems Overview


Exostar provides the following services and applications to BAE Systems and their trading partners:

  • Using the Supply Chain Platform (SCP-BAE), BAE Systems collaborates with suppliers on the end-to-end order management process.  Working in SCP-BAE, suppliers can respond to orders and schedule agreements, as well as create electronic shipment notifications and electronic invoices.  This information is sent directly to BAE Systems back-end systems for more efficient processing and effective management of exceptions.  Some BAE Systems divisions also use SCP-BAE to view receipts, payment status, and long term forecasts.

  • Using SourcePass, BAE Systems collaborate with suppliers on its procurement sourcing needs.  Suppliers can respond to RFIs/RFPs/RFQs and participate in e-auctions within SourcePass. RFQ response/bid information is sent directly to BAE Systems back-end systems for analysis, award of business, and issuing orders.

  • ForumPass enables BAE Systems and its partner organizations to work together in a shared internet-based workspace.  ForumPass is built on the Microsoft SharePoint Platform and is most commonly used for project and workflow collaboration.

  • ForumPass OFFICIAL is a sensitive ForumPass template and utilizes the same ForumPass functionalities, however, it requires users to authenticate with a Medium Level of Assurance (MLOA) Software certificate.  ForumPass OFFICIAL also utilizes End-to-End Encryption and Encrypted Libraries.

  • Federated Identity Service (FIS) provides digital certificates to BAE Systems users for use cases such as authenticating to a website, digitally signing a document, or encrypting an email.  These digital certificates are often associated with the term PKI (Public Key Infrastructure). 

The following applications are available to BAE Systems employees:

  • LDAP Proxy is a directory look-up service provided by Exostar for BAE Systems users who have been issued digital certificates by Exostar.  Using a simplified and automatic look-up function, BAE Systems users that registered their public keys can send secure and encrypted email to other BAE Systems users and even users within other Exostar customer organizations.

  • Enterprise Access Gateway (EAG) allows BAE Systems employees to use their BAE Systems network login credentials to access Exostar and other third party applications such as Lockheed Aero, instead of being issued login credentials from Exostar.

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