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Acronyms - DCS and SAM

CA: Certificate Authority

CP: Certificate Policy

CPS: Certification Practices Statement

CRL: Certificate Revocation List

CSP: Credential Service Provider

CSR: Certificate Signing Request

DCSA: DCS Administrator

DCS: Digital Certificate Service

EN: European Standard, Telecommunications Series

ETSI: European Telecommunications Standards Institute

FBCA: Federal Bridge Certificate Authority

FIS: Federated Identity Service

LOA: Level of Assurance

MLOA HW and SW: Medium Level of Assurance Hardware and Software

MPA: Management and Portal Administrator

NIST: National Institute of Standards and Technology

OA: Organization Administrator

OTP: One Time Password

Phone OTP: Phone One-Time-Password

PII: Personally Identifiable Information

PIN: Personal Identification Number

PKI: Public Key Infrastructure

PSD: Public Service Description

QC: Qualified Certificate

RA: Registration Authority

SAM: Secure Access Manager

SBCA: SAFE-BioPharma Bridge Certificate Authority

SP: Special Publication

SPDS: Service Policy Disclosure Statement

SSCD: Secure Signature Creation Device (e.g. a SafeNet hardware token)

TS: Technical Specification

TSP: Trust Service Provider

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