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787 SCMP Reports

Reporting in Exostar SCMP is based on IBM Cognos Business Intelligence.
Most users can run these pre-defined reports in the Reports section of SCMP.

  • Data visibility associated with the reports is dependent on SCMP user roles.
  • Some reports have additional prompts for filtering results, while some do not.

* Wildcard (asterisk) functionality, “begins with” functionality, and multi-select functionality can be used with some prompts.

Development of new reports is limited to Report Administrators with Cognos development knowledge and licenses.

Access Reports Portal

To access the reports portal:

Step 1.  Click Reports.

NOTE: A new Reports Portal page displays.

Step 2.  Click Boeing Adhoc.

Reports Portal Layout

Step 1.  Click the Public or My Folders tabs to access your folders.

Step 2.  Use Search and/or Navigation tools to locate items.

Step 3.  Click the [<] Scroll Left or [>] Scroll Right button to move.

NOTE: Buttons are active only if there are lots of tabs or the screen is narrow.

Step 4.  Use the Toolbar to manage folders and files.

Step 5.  Use the Pagination controls to move from page to page.

NOTEBoeing 787 MMO Metrics folder is only available to Boeing users. Partners folder is available to Partners and Boeing users.

Reports Toolbar

Step 1.  Click the Refresh button to reload the page.

Step 2.  Click the List Views button to list reports in a column.

Step 3.  Click the Details View button to list reports in multiple columns.

Run Reports

Step 1.  Click the folder Name to view its content.

NOTE: Use the Navigation History Path to go back.

Step 2.  Click the report Name to view the report in HTML.

Step 3.  Alternatively, click the Run with options icon to select output options.

Step 4.  Select the report output Format from the drop down.

Step 5.  Select the Language from the drop down.

Step 6.  Select the Delivery method.

Step 7.  Check the box next to Prompt for values to enable filters, if built into the report.

Step 8.  Click Run to start the report.

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