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787 SCMP General Navigation


The Header displays your User ID and Role in the top left corner. The top right corner provides the following options:

  • Exit: Logs you out of Boeing 787 SCMP system.
  • Bookmark: Allows you to bookmark current page.
  • Help: Provides access to all 787 SCMP training materials
  • About

Navigation Tree

Depending on your role in the system, you have access to various sub-tree functionalities:

  • Home: Access your Home page.
  • My Workspace: Access your dashboard page to view a summary of your AlertsProblemsOrdersShipments, and Receipts.
  • Inbox Status: Access uploads and downloads results.
  • Exceptions: Access a summary of your Exception Alerts in the system.
  • Supply Planning: Access the planning schedule for your Collaboration items.
  • Order Management: Access Purchase Orders, Shipments, Receipts, Reverse Logistics POs, Return Shipments, and Replacement Shipments.
  • Inventory: Access InventoryStatus.
  • Upload/Download: Execute uploads and downloads.
  • Reports: Access reports.
  • My Profile: Change your user role in the system.

Show/Hide Tree

To show or hide the Navigation Tree:

Step 1.  Click the arrow button to hide and show the Navigation Tree.
Step 2.  Slide the edge of the navigation tree to expand or decrease the width.

Navigation History Path

As you navigate the system, it displays your navigation history as a selectable pathway (cookie crumbs) under the header.  Click any page name in the pathway to immediately display that page; however, this history path will not always accurately reflect all workflows.

NOTE: Use this path instead of your browser’s Back button.

Create Bookmark

To create a bookmark:

Step 1.  At the MCV page, click Bookmark in the Header. 

Step 2.  The Bookmark dialogue box displays. For Criteria, click the Collaborations or Filter Selections option, where:

  • Collaborations: Saves the collaborations you selected to view on the page.
  • Filter Selections: Saves the filter criteria you defined.

NOTE: If you get the URL size exceeds bookmark limit error when saving Collaborations, the data you bookmarked is too large. The alternative is to bookmark Filter Selections.

Step 3.  For Date Range, click the Relative Date Range or Absolute Date Range option, where:

  • Absolute: Retains the date range you selected to view on the page.
  • Relative: Uses your default start date and end date.

Step 4.  Click OK to save the bookmark.

Step 5.  Select the URL and copy it into your browser’s bookmark settings. Name the bookmark, and click OK.

Records by Page

Use the drop down list at the bottom of a list or details page to change the number of rows of data displayed per page.  You can select a maximum of 30 entries for Orders, Shipments, or Receipts, and a maximum of 20 entries for Planning Schedules and Inventories.

NOTE:  The last setting is retained in the workflow where it was changed, even after you logout.

Large Totals

In order to improve performance, once the Total count exceeds 5000, the system displays a non-clickable value.

Step 1  .Navigate to the Summary page for the document type (for example, Purchase Orders).

Step 2.  On the Summary page, enter search criteria. For example, add a date range for Order Date.

Step 3.  Click Search to reduce the Total value found to something less than 5,000.

Save a File

Step 1.  Click the Print icon.

Step 2.  Click the Save or Download button.

Step 3.  Enter a File Name.

Step 4.  Click Save.

NOTE: If you are unable to save the file, it is likely your internal firewall is preventing it.

Change First Page

You can choose the first page the system displays when you login or click Home from the Navigation Tree.

To change the page:

Step 1.  On the Navigation Tree, go to My Profile, then Change First Page.

Step 2.  On the right, navigate to the page you want as your home page and click on it.

Step 3.  A confirmation window displays. Click the OK button to close the confirmation window.

Change Role

To change your role directly in the Boeing 787 SCMP system:

Step 1.  On the left navigation tree, go to My Profile, then Change Role.

Step 2. Click the Find button to see the Roles you have access to.

Step 3. Click the desired Role Name. The system updates your access role and returns you to the Home page.

NOTE: The Role you are signed into when you logoff is preserved for the next session.

User Preferences

Step 1.  On the Navigation Tree, go to My Profile, then User Preferences.

Step 2.  Enter your choices:

  • Set Relative Start (negative number) and/or End Days (positive number) from the Current date, to limit the MCV view of the Planning Schedule timeline.
  • Select a font size for the BSCP user interface.
  • Select the checkboxes for any email alerts you want to receive.

Step 3.  When finished, click the Save button.

Email Alert Notifications

SCMP sends email alert notifications when predefined actions occur within the system and all email alert notifications are subscription-based. Email alerts default to OFF.

Email alert notifications are sent to all individual users with the same roles, belonging to the same company, provided they subscribed to receive email notifications. Alerts are role-based, in that all people with the same user role receive the same email, assuming they subscribed to them.

  • SCMP does not send email alerts based on user IDs. If four new POs are issued to a Supplier, SCMP sends the same alert to all subscribed users with the same role for that Supplier company. SCMP does not determine POs 1 & 2 belong to a specific user ID, and POs 3 & 4 belong to a different user ID.
  • A group email alias can be set up.

For Exostar only, email alerts show up in the Network Console.

The email Subject starts with Boeing 787 or SCMP to distinguish it from a SupplyPass or BSCP email alert.

ConditionUser RoleComments
BPO/Purchase Order

New PO/POC Alert

  • Boeing
  • Consuming Partner (MPID_br)
  • Providing Partner (MPID_sr)
  • Sent at the top of the hour
  • Default is one email per change
  • All New POs and POC created in the last hour will be reported
  • Shown in My Workspace

Buyer Stale Order Alert

  • Boeing
  • Sent every week at 00:01 hours UTC
  • The system generates a report based on a query of the database for orders with a "New", "New Change" or "Processing" status that are > 2 and <= 60 days old, as determined by the PO Issue Date.
  • Users can subscribe to alerts through My Profile.

Supplier Stale Order Alert

  • Providing Partner (MPID_sr)
  • Sent Wednesday and Saturday at 00:05 hours UTC
  • The system generates a report based on a query of the database for orders with a "New", "New Change" or "Processing" status that are > 5 and <= 60 days old, as determined by the PO Issue Date.
Planning Schedule
New Planning Schedule
  • Boeing
  • Consuming Partner (MPID_br)
  • Providing Partner (MPID_sr)
  • Sent every day at 00:15 hours

Planning Schedule Response Mismatch

  • Boeing
  • Consuming Partner (MPID_br)
  • Providing Partner (MPID_sr)
  • Triggered by Planning Schedule Response upload or user interface entry
  • All collabs that have a response from current date forward up to ‘Response Limit Date’ or maximum PS/PSR date in the future are evaluated for mismatch
  • Shown in My Workspace

Missing Receipts for Shipment

  • Boeing
  • Consuming Partner (MPID_br)
  • Providing Partner (MPID_sr)
  • Sent daily at 3:00 and 12:00 hours UTC
  • Identifies Missing Receipt against existing Shipment lines (PMI parts only) in the ‘Sent’ state
  • Shipment ‘License Plate Number’ will be the referential link
  • System will begin checking 5+ days in the past
    • For example: Let us assume today is May 30th. SCMP will get all Shipment lines that were expected to be delivered prior to May 25th that do not yet have a Receipt.
    • No Quantity matching checks are made.
  • Alert will cease after 7 days
  • Shown in My Workspace
Inactive Collab

Pending Inactive Collab Item Email Alert

  • Boeing
  • Consuming Partner (MPID_br)
  • Providing Partner (MPID_sr)
  • Sent daily 00:30 UTC
  • All collabs are flagged where the ‘Inactive Date’
    • Is NOT NULL, and
    • The ‘Inactive Date’ was modified in the last 24 hours at the time of evaluation

Inactive Collab Item Email Alert

  • Boeing
  • Consuming Partner (MPID_br)
  • Providing Partner (MPID_sr)
  • Sent daily after the nightly script is run to mark collabs “Inactive”
  • All collabs are flagged that
    • Have an “Inactive” flag set to "Yes”, and
    • Have been made inactive in the last 24 hours

My Workspace

My Workspace allows you to personalize your dashboard for easy monitoring of activities, such as a summary of your AlertsProblemsOrdersShipments, and Receipts.

To customize your view:

Step 1.  Click the Customize button.

Step 2.  Choose the items you want to see.

  • The Portal Components window lets you turn each sub-window on or off.
  • Each sub-window has items that can be turned off or on by entering or removing the checkbox next to each item.

Step 3.  Click the Update Preferences button.


Step 1.  Click in the From or To field to open the calendar window.

Step 2.  Click the date to choose it.

  • > Moves forward a month, and < moves back a month.
  • >> Moves forward a year, and << moves back a year.
  • Now enters current date in the To and From fields.

Step 3.  Click Close to close the calendar window.

Date Range

The Relative Date Range (Days) allows searching on a specific date range.

  • You can save the date range slider criteria for future use.
  • Using the date range slider overrides an entered calendar. Entering a calendar date overrides a range on the slider that was entered.
  • A positive integer on the slider indicates a number of days into the future from the current date.  A negative integer means a number of days into the past (in the example below, the search covers POs created in the past seven days).

Step 1.  Slide the left bar to set the start of the date range.

Step 2.  Slide the right bar to set the end of the date range.

Advance Search

Step 1.  Click the Advance Search icon.

Step 2.  Enter the Include and/or Exclude Search criteria.

Step 3.  Click Select.


Step 1.  Click the Identifier icon to open the Choose window for that field.

Step 2.  Click the radio button to choose the criteria.

Step 3.  Click OK.

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