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Aviation ID (AvID) Release Notes

We are pleased to announce that Aviation ID (AvID) will be upgraded to Version 3.1 this coming April 2020. Enhancements in this version include the following:

Introducing a new role:  SP Administrator Lite

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Aviation ID 3.1 will be introducing a new roles called SP Administrator Lite. It has access to a small subset of features, available for the SP Administrator.

  • The SP Administrator Lite role can access via the Provider Administration Tab, only Approve and Email Preferences sub tabs.
  • Limiting this role to only approving and denying new user and company requests, (ie. bulk approve/deny user requests, approve/deny single company requests)
  • This role can search, filter, and view new user requests
  • This role can select to receive certain emails and when to send/receive notifications

Additional Updates included in 3.1:

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  • Last Access Dates: Last Access Dates will present the date and times a users successfully logged into the system in GMT timezone.
  • Activation Email wording update: Wording was updated on the Activation email

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